About the project

The project  „digiskill-retail“ is aimed at the increasing of digital competences and skills of trainees and employees (digicomp) in the retail sector by using modern retail-specific e-learning units. These units should prepare them to cope with the challenges of the digital transformation processes of the retail sector. The project also supports and expands the digital competences (digicompEDU)  of teachers and trainers by using the e-learning units for  vocational education in retail trade.

Project activities

  • Development of 12 case studies in different learning sites and a specified competence matrix on qualification deficits regarding digital competences in retail.
  • Development of e-learning units to reduce competence and skills gaps in order to meet the future needs of the qualification profile in retail.
  • Workshops for teachers and trainers to promote the systematic use of e-learning units in vocational education and training and thus ensure higher learning success.

Project results

  • Provision of 40 to 60 retail-specific e-learning units that can be used in terms of flexible deployment options for both the national and the European retail education landscape in terms of availability and use of ICT in different learning scenarios and at different learning locations such as companies and educational institutions, depending on the needs of the potential users.
  • Promote the use of e-learning on a European scale.